Get Payment Assistance

Do You Need Assistance Paying Your Electric Bill?

Roanoke Co-op recognizes that we could all use a helping hand from time to time. The North Carolina Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) helps eligible households pay their heating bill. Before seeking this assistance, contact us so we can provide you with the required documentation for the application process. We can also provide you with information on Roanoke Cooperative’s programs and services to help lower your bill.

  • LIEAP provides a one-time vendor payment to cover a heating bill, December 1–March 31 each year
  • Priority is given for households with an elderly person 60 and over or a disabled person eligible to apply, between December 1 and January 31 each year
  • To apply for energy assistance, contact the local help agency nearest you

You can reach the Roanoke Co-op Care team at (252) 209-2236 or by Email.