Upgrade to $ave

Upgrade to $ave

Are you a Roanoke Electric member owner whose home or business needs an energy efficiency upgrade? Are you are looking for ways to lower your monthly power bill without paying an upfront cost for these upgrades? If so, the Roanoke Electric Cooperative Upgrade to $ave program is the solution for you.

Here's how it works: First, the member-owner contacts the co-op and signs up for a free energy assessment. A skilled energy auditor will then visit your home or business to determine where efficiencies can be gained and what upgrades will result in the most energy cost savings. Then, a date is scheduled for the co-op's trained weatherization crew to make the upgrades.

Upgrades available through this program include insulation, duct and air sealing, heat pump improvements, water heater wraps and LED lighting.

So far, through Upgrade to $ave, the co-op has invested almost $2 million into energy-efficient upgrades for member-owners. As of early 2018, the co-op still has nearly $4 million left in federal financing to invest in the program. Close to 300 member-owners have already benefited from this high-impact program.

Participation in the program is available to all co-op member-owners, regardless of credit score, homeownership or financial status. The co-op covers the initial costs of the upgrades for the participating member-owner, who is not required to make any upfront payment or incur any debt. The co-op recovers the cost of the upgrades by placing a monthly charge on the member-owner’s bill, which is significantly less than the anticipated savings. With the upgrades and following common energy efficiency tips, the member-owner should notice no increase in the amount of their bill.

Roanoke Electric Cooperative is committed to helping member-owners access affordable energy services, and is proud to be among the first utilities to have received the  loan from the Rural Utilities Service's Energy Efficiency & Conservation Loan Program that makes this program possible. With this federal financing, the Roanoke Electric Upgrade to $ave program offers member-owners a rare opportunity to receive efficiency upgrades that will help to lower energy bills.

For more information or updates on this program, please contact us at 252.209.2236

Upgrade to Save