Darnell E. Lee

District 7

Darnell Lee has served as a member of Roanoke Electric’s Board of Directors since 2004. He was born and raised in Bertie County. He attended Martin Community College, where he honed his skills as a mechanic.

In addition to his role at the co-op, he serves on the trustee board at Greater Wynn’s Grove Baptist Church. Lee said he has a great passion for helping those in need. Whether cutting grass for the elderly in his neighborhood or performing handyman services for the community’s sick and shut-in, his dedication is unwavering. “I love helping in my local community,” he said, proudly.

Keeping its commitment to serve the best interest of the membership will bode well for the future of the co-op, Lee said. “My vision is for the co-op to continue working diligently to serve our member-owners and to develop strategies to help them lower their electric bills.”