Smart Energy Savings

Smart Energy Savings programs use internet technology-supported energy monitoring and management devices and capabilities, commonly known as “smart” tools, designed to save money on member-owners’ electric bills. These smart tool programs achieve cost-savings in a variety of ways, such as helping member-owners track and manage their own energy use and automatically decreasing use during peak demand times without affecting comfort levels. Lowering power use during peak demand times saves the Co-op money by keeping the overall cost of electricity down, and empowering member-owners to decrease energy consumption helps lower monthly electric bills.

The Co-op offers member-owners a variety of Smart Energy Savings options shown here.

Upgrade to $ave Program

As a Roanoke Electric Cooperative member-owner, you may already be aware that your co-op offers a full suite of online cost-savings tools to help you manage your energy use and budget. But did you know that the co-op can help you achieve cost-saving efficiencies in person, right at your home or business?

If your home or business is in need of an energy-efficiency upgrade, and you are a co-op member-owner looking for ways to lower your monthly power bill without having to figure out how to cover the upfront costs such upgrades normally demand, then the Roanoke Electric Cooperative “Upgrade to $ave” program is the solution for you.

Here’s how it works: First, the member-owner contacts the co-op and signs up for a free energy assessment. A skilled energy auditor will then visit your home or business to determine where efficiencies can be gained and what upgrades will result in the most energy cost savings. Then, a date is scheduled for the co-op’s trained weatherization crew to come to the property and make the upgrades – at no cost to you, the co-op member-owner.

Upgrades available through this program include insulation, duct and air sealing, heat pump improvements, water heater wraps, and LED lighting.

Participation in the program is available to all co-op member-owners, regardless of homeownership or financial status. The co-op offers this unique opportunity to member-owners simply as a benefit of their co-op membership. The co-op covers the initial costs of the upgrades for the participating member-owner.

Start the process today by requesting your free home energy assessment. There is no obligation or cost to the member-owner. It really is just that easy. Because you are a member-owner of Roanoke Electric Cooperative.

For more information or updates on this program, please contact us at (252) 209-2236.

Bring Your Own Thermostat Program
Enrolling in the program would allow Roanoke Electric Cooperative to send a signal to your thermostat to make brief, limited adjustments at times when energy demand is especially high and therefore most expensive. When the program launches, calling on these thermostats will reduce demand during peak times and increase service reliability. You will always have control of your thermostat and can change the settings at any time.

If you’re one of the hundreds of Roanoke Electric Cooperative member-owners with an internet-connected thermostat, you could be eligible to earn $75 upfront and $4 per month by participating in an upcoming Bring Your Own Thermostat pilot program being developed.

Internet-connected thermostats, also called smart thermostats, that could qualify for the future program include Nest thermostats.

This program is an example of the types of technology Roanoke Electric Cooperative is pursuing and applying to better use the grid and serve cooperative members in new ways.

Call our Care Center at (252) 209-2236 for details.