Get Involved

Two-thirds of North Carolina’s forestland is owned by non-industrial private landowners.

As land passes from generation to generation, it is vital that strategies for estate planning, the transfer of forestry knowledge and opportunities to build family wealth are part of the process.

Sustainable forestry is a valuable tool and management approach to help ensure we retain the forest resource opportunities we have today. The funding provided by our benefactors supports landowners in their efforts to improve their forestland. You can get involved by knowing what regulations apply to your land; by participating in working group meetings conducted by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and other agencies; by providing input on how agencies should allocate program funding; and by communicating with state and federal lawmakers.


CEO Message at the 2021 Annual Landowner Partner Convening

In one of his final public appearances as Roanoke Electric Cooperative’s president and chief executive officer, Curtis Wynn touts the success of the Sustainable Forestry and Land Retention Project that he helped establish in 2013, and he encourages listeners to “tell everyone you know” about the program to help expand its reach and impact in the region.