Estate Planning Webinar

2022 Estate Planning/Heirs Property Webinar

The 2022 Estate Planning Webinar was held virtually on March 3, 2022. Click the start arrow below to view the recording of the webinar. We greatly appreciate the logistical support provided by N.C. State Extension Forestry and Dr. Robert Bardon to make this event a reality.

Session Recording


“Families with substantial growth and substantial death, their property ownership is likely more vulnerable than most folks, so they definitely want to think about the legal structure of heirs property.” — Mavis Gragg


“My passion is to help people preserve their wealth through reduced taxation and then be able to pass that wealth on to future generations.” — Pamela Harrigan-Young



“Don’t make it personal. That’s the hardest thing to do when it’s family, is it not?” — Will Dudenhausen




2021 Estate Planning/Heirs Property Webinar

View the PowerPoint presentations made during the Estate Planning/Heirs Property webinar held on Feb. 24-25, 2021.

Session 1 Recording

Session 1 Presentation (PDF)

Mavis Gragg, J.D.Mavis Gragg

Director of the American Forest Foundation’s Sustainable Forestry and Land Retention Program


Pamela Harrigan-YoungPamela Harrigan-Young

Estate Planning Attorney


Session 2 Recording

Session 2 Presentation (PDF)

Peg KohringPeg Kohring

Senior Associate, The Conservation Fund


Margaret ConradMargaret Conrad

Capacity Builder, Resourceful Communities, The Conservation Fund