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Device Support

Many of our member-owners may require assistance with devices they attach to the Roanoke Connect network. As your Cooperative, our focus is on utilizing Roanoke Connect and Smart Grid technologies to help you – and us – manage the cost of electricity. As such, we are not prepared to support troubleshooting devices that may be connected to the Roanoke Connect internet service.

You can reach our technical support 24/7 by calling 1-833-813-2220.

Internet Down

Internet availability, as described in the Terms of Service, is a “best efforts” service. However, we take your connectivity seriously, and want to do all that we can to ensure your Internet experience is a good one.


Here are the common questions we will ask you should you call for service:

  1. Is your power out?
  2. Do your neighbors have power?
  3. Are your devices plugged in?
  4. Are your personal devices (PC, tablet, phone, etc.) plugged in or do they have sufficient battery?
  5. Are you delinquent on your Roanoke Connect bill?

The first troubleshooting step would be shutdown and restart your personal device. If the device has an electrical connection, shut the device down and then unplug it for a minute. Plug it back in and restart the device.

If the device is battery powered, shut the device down and let it sit for a minute or two; then restart.

If this does not resolve the issue, then locate the router. Unplug the router from the power. Let the router sit for about two minutes. Plug the router back in, restart your devices and determine if this clears that issue.

If not, please call technical support at 1-833-813-2220.