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Roanoke connect seviceman getting equipment from truckInternet Access Equipment

Roanoke Electric Cooperative and Roanoke Connect services are provided to subscribers via broadband connection. This connection allows for a much faster rate of data transfer than analog or DSL technology.

Standard equipment installed at most locations include an outside subscriber access unit and an indoor router.

The router provides broadband access to Smart Grid devices installed in the home; it also provides a gateway for a subscriber who has chosen to receive Internet access from Roanoke Connect.


The ecobee3 is a touchscreen thermostat that works with up to 32 remote temperature/motion sensors to adjust the thermostat based on where you are. The ecobee3 allows the user to set different schedules each day for various modes, including home, away, and sleep. The remote sensors detect temperature and occupancy and can engage a Smart Away mode if no movement is detected. A vacation mode can be programmed for extended times away from home. With this smart thermostat, you can set convenient reminders for HVAC maintenance, furnace filter replacement, or UV Lamp replacement. It integrates with the Roanoke Electric Cooperative Smart Grid program.

Water Heater Controller

The Carina controller connects to an electric hot water tank’s power source, so it turns on/off the power to the tank per the control algorithm or commands. This can also “virtually” control the temperature in the tank. It integrates with the Roanoke Electric Cooperative Smart Grid program.