Our Services

This page lists available and planned services during the current phase of our Smart Grid and network deployment.

Residential Broadband

Roanoke Connect offers residential broadband services for internet access. All services are offered with the convenience of automatic bill pay and access via a secure online portal.

Click here to learn more about our plans and pricing and to let us know you are interested in service.

Residential Voice Services

Coming soon!

Residential Smart Grid

Roanoke Connect enables Smart Grid services throughout the service territory.

These services reduce power bills for your Cooperative which, in turn, may reduce yours as well. Best of all: there is no charge for the equipment or the installation!

Member-Owners subscribing to the Smart Grid service will receive a credit on their electric bill. The credit varies depending on the type of Smart Grid services selected.

If you are a member-owner and would like to learn more about these devices, click here.

Small & Mid-sized Business Broadband

Small and mid-sized businesses are the economic lifeblood of our region. Roanoke Connect is developing data and other services to specifically address the needs of the SMB market.

Business & Institutional Services

Roanoke Connect understands the value larger organizations bring to our region. Our services will provide new opportunities for our larger customers, and allow our region to be more competitive when recruiting for new businesses for our area. Please check back often as we update these services.

Business Voice Services

Coming soon!

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