About Us

4 male employees standing in front of a Roanoke Connect service vanThank you for your interest in Roanoke Connect.

This program has its origins in Roanoke Electric Cooperative’s focus on economic opportunity for its member-owners. Several years ago, the Cooperative worked with the statewide organization of cooperatives to study ways in which we could help our member-owners with the increasing costs of energy.

Starting with programs such as Upgrade to Save, Home Efficiency Tools, and on-site visits to assess energy efficiency, Roanoke Electric Cooperative has always focused on helping its member-owners save money.

Roanoke Connect Internet Technology

Multiple Color Fiber Optics Closeup Technology BackgroundTECHNOLOGY. In order to implement the Smart Grid program, internet access is a requirement. Roanoke Connect provides that capability.

The Roanoke Connect network consists of a fiber optic ring that runs through the Roanoke Connect service territory.

The traffic flows across the ring and is routed from a data center hosted in Ahoskie. From there, traffic is directed onto the MCNC statewide fiber optic ring where it reaches the greater internet.

Last-mile access is provided by a combination of fiber optic and advanced fixed wireless capabilities.

ON PREMISE. In the home or in a commercial establishment, connections are made to the Internet via a router owned by Roanoke Connect Holdings. That router connects to a subscriber access module which may either be a fiber or a fixed wireless connection. The router is connected to any Smart Grid devices in the home, but can also represent the access point for a member-owner subscribing to internet access.

THROUGHPUT. Many member-owners ask about throughput. Installations to date show more than adequate throughput for individuals who are browsing the internet, using a Vonage service, or streaming movies from Netflix. As with any service, your throughput can vary based on the type of service being used, the responsiveness of the remote server, and any congestion on the internet. These are beyond the control of the provider.