Wanted: Young adults for co-op’s new advisory board

Smiling young African American businesswoman leaning on a table in an office lounge working on a laptopRoanoke Electric Cooperative is seeking member-owners ages 25 to 45 to join its new Young Adult Advisory Board, established to better engage in a more meaningful way with this age group among its membership.

The board will consist of 10 members. To be considered for a seat on the board, participants must be member-owners and able to meet quarterly. The kick-off meeting is tentatively set to occur in March or April.

The initiative will serve as a springboard for helping this younger demographic better understand the value of being a member-owner and the co-op’s mission to improve the quality of life throughout the community. The advisory panel will also be given the opportunity to provide insights and feedback on topics important to them.

For many electric co-ops nationwide, one of the most significant challenges they face in this digital age is making meaningful connections with this market segment. Recent research shows, their expectations from service providers, in general, are distinct from people 50 and older. That’s why Roanoke Electric is undertaking this special outreach strategy to learn more about those expectations and ultimately serve them better.

"We are led by member-owners, and we want to make sure all of our members can provide us feedback and their point of view,” said Kirby Jordan, the co-op’s vice president or member services, marketing and public relations. “We realize younger member-owners are busy starting their careers and families, so we want our advisory board to be convenient to their busy lives.”

If you are interested in joining Roanoke Electric’s Young Adult Advisory Board, contact the co-op via email at yame@roanokeelectric.com