Tyrone and Edna Williams, “You have to establish trust before you try to provide service” podcast

Tyrone and Edna Williams are forest landowners at Fourtee Acres, which is located in Enfield, North Carolina. The family farm includes 195 acres total of woodland, farmland, and rental property. Tyrone and Edna own about 62 of those acres. The family farm has been in Tyrone’s family for close to 100 years, and they host monthly conference calls with the heirs to keep everyone up to date. Not originally from a forestry background, Tyrone credits foresters and others in the SFLR community for their ability to help them fully understand the scope and worth of his land. Tyrone says, “When people trust other people, they tend to move quicker towards a common goal.” Hear all about Tyrone and Edna’s forest journey and legacy in this episode, and share it with your friends today.

Listen to Episode #101, "You have to establish trust before you try to provide service" at Leadership Nature.