Town of Aulander makes a “splash” with a new summer-fun water feature

Roanoke Electric Cooperative presents grant funds for expansion

When the Town of Aulander installed a splash pad last summer as part of its public fitness trail, no one could have guessed how wildly popular it was going to be. The splash pad, a type of interactive outdoor entertainment that uses water to spray or jet water on the users, has been drawing families from all over the town, county, and beyond," says Bobbie Parker, Aulander town commissioner. “This splash pad has been a huge hit with children of all ages,” said Parker. “We installed it to provide a place for the whole family to have fun. And we have been thrilled with how popular it has become.”  Use of the fitness trail area has increased so much that the town plans to add more features in the future, including a playground and bathroom facilities. .

To help accommodate events and activities in the park, Roanoke Electric Cooperative recently granted $3,000 to the town for a new picnic table and two park benches. The funds were made possible through the Operation RoundUp program, which supports organizations that serve the health, safety, educational or recreational needs of citizens in the co-op’s service area. Member-owners who volunteer to participate in the program “round up” their monthly electric bill to the next whole dollar. The money raised is donated to charitable causes.

“As we expand the activities to the area,” said Parker, “we hope school and church groups will visit. We envision families having picnics here. This is a place for community gathering and wholesome family fun.” For more information about how to participate in Operation RoundUp, please call (252) 209-2236 or visit our Operation RoundUp page.

Roanoke Electric Cooperative's Vice President of Member Services, Marketing, and Public Relations, Dennis McFee (center), presents officials of the Town of Aulander with a grant to assist in expanding a popular public fitness trail.