Time-of-Day rate schedule changes April 16

Roanoke Electric Co-op plans to adjust its Time-of-Day rate schedule on April 16 to reflect the change in seasons.

On-peak hours, during which member-owners participating in the program are charged a higher rate for energy used, will be 2 p.m.- 6 p.m., Monday-Friday. All other time periods are considered off-peak, when participants will be charged a lower rate for energy used.

“The Time of Day rate program is a great option for member-owners,” said Tammy Piland, the co-op’s billing coordinator. “The rate incentive encourages them to do their tasks, such as water heating, laundry, cooking, etc., during the off-peak, lower-rate periods. The reward is a lower monthly electric bill.”

The chart below explains the upcoming summer rate adjustment.

graphic, summer april-october, on peak hours are weekdays only, (no weekends or major holidays), previous rate, appx. 8 cents/kWh, off-peak hours, 12 am-2pm, appx. 48 cents/kWh, on-peak hours, 2pm-6pm, appx. 8 cents/kWh, off-peak hours, 6pm-12am

For more information or to enroll the co-op’s voluntary Residential Time-of-Day Rate service plan, call (252) 209-2236. For a complete list of the co-op’s rate schedules, visit our Rates page.