Co-op payment options save money, time

Member-owners have an easy way to save money, time, and the environment with Roanoke Electric Co-op’s electronic billing and bank draft programs.

With the co-ops “E-bill” option, electric bills are delivered via email and not through traditional postal services.  Member-owners who sign up for this receive a 50 cent credit on their monthly bills.

Another savings opportunity is offered when member-owners opt to pay their monthly electric bills automatically through a bank draft. This comes with a $1 credit on their monthly electric bills.

Member-owners can choose their desired bank draft date: the 3rd, 10th, 18th or 25th of each month. “You never have to worry about late fees,” said Johnetta Chavis, the co-op’s supervisor of member services.  “By bundling these offers together, you could be saving up to $18 annually on your electric bills.”

Call 252-209-2236 to sign up for E-bill and bank draft programs.