Switch to Residential Time-of-Day Rate and save

business man hand holding lightbulb with using calculator to calculate and money stack. idea saving energy and accounting finance in office conceptRoanoke Electric Co-op member-owners who sign up for the co-op's Residential Time-of-Day Rate pay a lower rate for the energy they use during OFF-PEAK hours on weekdays. Weekends and most holidays are also considered OFF-PEAK hours.

With Time-of-Day Rate pricing, when a member-owner uses electricity is as important as how much electricity they use. The average residential time-of-day rate subscriber saves $35 per month on their electricity costs, however, they must shift their energy use to OFF-PEAK hours to achieve the most savings.

With the Time-of-Day Rate, follow these tips to make the most of your energy dollars:

  • Program your thermostat to avoid on-peak hours.
  • Do laundry and dishes during off-peak hours and install a water heater timer.
  • Avoid space heating and cooling.
  • Avoid use of electric stove, oven, and microwave.

For more information or to enroll the co-op’s optional Residential Time-of-Day Rate service plan, call (252) 209-2236. Visit our Rates page for a complete list of rate schedules.