Roanoke’s Gold Star Program delivers big savings for member-owners

To deliver added value and engage with its membership, Roanoke Electric Cooperative has developed a new member loyalty initiative known as the “Gold Star Program”.  Aligned with the co-op’s mission, the Gold Star Program seeks to earn member-owner trust and loyalty through its programs and services.

“As a trusted energy partner, Roanoke is always seeking ways to better engage and benefit our membership,” said Dennis McFee, the co-op’s vice-president of member services, marketing and public relations. “There are so many useful programs and services available, and we want to ensure we recognize and demonstrate the combined value it adds to member-owners who take advantage.”

To date, more than 60 member-owners have reached Gold Star Status and are averaging almost $1,000 in annual savings.

Amongst those member-owners is Lewiston resident, Arthur Clark.  As a 68-year-old retiree, Clark states that his curiosity about the new program has led him to benefits that he sees monthly.

“The program is great!” Clark explained.  Noting his experience with the co-op’s free energy audit through its Upgrade to $ave program, Clark describes his experience. “They came out and explained to me where I was losing energy in my home.  The technician even replaced the bulbs in my home with LED bulbs and gave me a hot water heater control to help with my home’s energy efficiency.”

Clark says that he can also better keep up with his monthly expenses thanks to the co-op changing with the times.  “As a retired person on a fixed income, I don’t really like too many surprises when it comes to my monthly bills,” he explained.  “I know each month what my electric bill is going to be immediately because I’ve enrolled in e-bill and budget billing. I also have my payments automatically drafted out of my account each month, so I avoid late fees.”

Clark also notes that he’s enjoying learning more about the electronic resources that the co-op is offering right at the tip of his fingertips – namely, the REC mobile app.  “I’m seeing where I can benefit more with knowing my energy use during peak times and that also helps with my savings.”

He also explained his satisfaction with the co-op’s internet service as a key to his business.  “I have my own business as a freelance photographer, and I sometimes need to upload photos and download files.  My previous internet service provider was just too slow to do everything I needed to do.  I was so happy to get Roanoke Connect as an affordable high-speed option at my home.”

Clark says that he encourages everyone to take advantage of these programs and doesn’t mind spreading the word about it.  “I try to visit the website to see what new information is available,” he explained.  “I don’t hold this information for myself.  I’m the type of person that if I know it, I’ll share it because it may be able to help someone else just like it helped me.”

For more information about the co-op’s programs and services, call our office at 252-209-2236.