Roanoke Electric Cooperative Has a New Name, Identity, and Logo

Roanoke Electric Cooperative is excited to share that it has a new identity, including a new name and logo. The new name is Roanoke Cooperative (RC).

You may ask, “Why the change?” As a trusted energy provider, RC will continue to provide reliable, at-cost electrical service. Shortening to a new name is the co-op's way of letting member-owners know that it is more than just your electricity provider. The co-op has significantly expanded its offerings, and will continue to do so, to meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve. In addition to electricity, RC will offer you exciting new products and services. The first of those, as most of you are aware, is our high-speed broadband internet service.

Roanoke Cooperative’s new logo, a change from the “green ball” with white energized lines, presents a bold “R” sitting firmly on the horizon with its right side shaped like a lightning bolt as a nod to electricity and stretching into the distance, indicating a commitment to progress. The color patterns behind the “R” represent a bright future, while the horizon’s curved hills represent agriculture in northeastern North Carolina. RC’s new tagline – Today, tomorrow, together. – distills the brand’s commitment to a three-word declaration to you. “Today” declares the co-op's continuing presence in member-owners' lives. “Tomorrow” expresses there will be progress and growth moving forward. “Together” affirms that the shared Roanoke experience remains; that the co-op will always have your back.
Soon, you will see the new logo and tagline on RC’s trucks, website, member-owner communications, and many other places. Speaking for all Roanoke Cooperative employees, everyone looks forward to providing you with exciting programs and services beyond electricity—Today, tomorrow, together.

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