Roanoke Cooperative shares electric vehicle safety training to Ahoskie fire department

With more and more electric vehicles on the road in northeastern NC, the Ahoskie Rural Fire Department recently asked Roanoke Cooperative to share electric vehicle (EV) safety training. The co-op presented safety training to 28 first responders. Roanoke Cooperative often shares its expertise on EVs and EV ownership as the number of member-owners who drive the vehicles grows. The co-op team works with emergency services to train and provide the safest atmosphere to address an emergency. As first responders to hybrid and all-electric vehicles, firefighters sometimes encounter unique fire and safety hazards due to the high-voltage components of a damaged lithium-ion battery. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, electric shock and battery reignition/fire can arise from the energy in a damaged battery. The co-op provided solar safety training as well.