Roanoke Cooperative secures against cyber threats to electric grid

Electricity is vital to Roanoke Cooperative's members and the nation's security and economy. However, the importance of the grid makes it an easy target for cyberattacks. To address this issue, Roanoke Cooperative completed the NRECA Co-op Cyber Goals program, establishing cybersecurity protocols that protect the company and electric grid from cyber threats. The program results from a partnership between NRECA and the U.S. Department of Energy, which aims to improve the cybersecurity posture of co-ops like Roanoke Cooperative as cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated. Derrick Buffaloe, RC's VP of Innovation and Technology, states, "Electric utilities face many threats, not just national security. Criminal attacks such as ransomware are becoming more common, and with advancements in AI, threats will continue to increase. Roanoke Cooperative is committed to mitigating these threats."