Roanoke Connect Support is Now Available 24/7

Roanoke Connect is pleased to announce that support for Smart Grid and broadband subscribers is now available 24/7. To reach support, please email Roanoke Connect Support or call us at 833-813-2220. Our support services are available 24/7. If your power is out, please call Roanoke Electric Cooperative at 800-358-9437 or text "OUTAGE" to 352667. If calling from a landline phone, please insert the number “1” in front of the number.

“This announcement is a significant step forward in our goal to provide the highest degree of support for our Smart Grid subscribers,” said Marshall Cherry, Roanoke Electric Cooperative’s chief operating officer. “By offering support on a 24-hour basis, we are able to help our subscribers take advantage of our network at times convenient for them.”

If you have questions about your invoice or changes to your account, you may reach out to us by calling 252-209-2236 and selecting Option 3 on the menu.