Roanoke Connect Activates its Largest Segment

Segment 25, the largest in the Roanoke Connect fiber optic network, is now live and ready for home installations. The segment consists of Taylor Mill Rd., Hwy 137, Hwy 13, Barfield Rd., Hunter Lane, Little Island Rd., Small Lane and Horton Lane, all located in Eure. It consists of about five miles of deployed fiber and passes approximately 120 homes.

Residents along this segment who subscribe to Roanoke Connect will benefit from the same Smart Grid and broadband Internet services that the network’s construction previously has brought to eight segments that are live and functional.

The Roanoke Connect program offers subscribers the means to save money and energy with the installation of smart thermostats and water heater control devices. It also improves connections to the larger world via broadband Internet service. Stay warm, save money, and plug in with Roanoke Connect!