REC Solutions: A way to keep your cool when energy costs spike

It’s that time of year again, when the warmer weather usually accompanies a seasonal spike in cooling costs. To help keep your cool  when the electric bills arrive, there is a  budgeting solution that may offer some peace of mind.

Roanoke Electric Co-op’s budget billing program gives member-owners the option to pay one set amount each month, based on a household’s average energy expense over the last twelve months.  Once that  is determined, member-owners are billed the same amount each month, so they know in advance the amount due.  If the actual energy consumption is less than the budgeted amount, participants will receive a credit on their electric bill.

“We know that trying to cool your home during the summer months often means an increase in your electric bill,” says Kirby Jordan, the co-op’s vice president of member services, marketing and public relations. “The co-op’s budget billing option takes some of the stress out of the seasonal ups and downs by allowing you to pay the same amount each month.”

If you would like to participate in budget billing, contact the co-op at 252-209-2236 to speak to a representative.