‘No member-owner left behind’ focus of upcoming webinar

As new, revolutionary technologies come of age, this community is at a higher risk of being left out of the equation and bearing the burden of higher energy costs. Roanoke Electric Co-op is taking major steps to make sure that does not happen.

To learn more about what’s in store, member-owners are invited join the co-op’s Power Hour webinar, scheduled for May 18 at 6 p.m. Titled “No Member Left Behind,” the presentation will feature speaker Denise Gatling, a renowned expert on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
“Many of us may have heard of DEI, but what you may not know is why this has become a major concern for your co-op’s board and management,” said Curtis Wynn, the co-op’s president and CEO.  “It’s one of the main reasons that Roanoke has been looking beyond the delivery of electricity. We are now on a mission to ensure our community has equal access to the many benefits the industry’s transformation stands to offer, and none of our member-owners are left behind.”
The webinar will shed light on why the co-op is extending our reach in such unconventional ways and the bottom-line impact it may have on future electric bills.
Also, as part of the hour-long webinar, co-op representatives will provide updates a several co-op initiatives, including Roanoke Connect, the EV Pilot Program.

To join the meeting on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/99268290423?pwd=dXpBTW5LakNqTUozaGhremNaRlQwUT09

Meeting ID: 992 6829 0423

Passcode: 324507