Looking to make upgrades to your home? Upgrade to $ave to reap the savings this summer

“Summer months are brutal on energy bills," said Susan Williams, the co-op's community programs coordinator.  “Air conditioners run almost constantly as temperatures soar, and member-owners are faced with the financial challenge of affording a higher than normal bill.  This is often a result of air escaping unnecessarily from the home."

That's where Upgrade to $ave comes in.  Upgrades available through this program include insulation, duct, and air sealing, heat pump improvements, water heater wraps, and LED lighting.

In three simple steps, here’s how the program works:

  1. First, the member-owner contacts the co-op and signs up for a free energy assessment simply as a benefit of co-op membership.
  2. The co-op will send and pay for a certified energy assessor to the participant's home and conduct a full energy assessment to determine the efficiency upgrades that will result in the most cost savings on the participant's monthly power bills.
  3. The co-op will then schedule a follow-up appointment to send a weatherization crew back to the participant's home to install the energy efficiency upgrades at no upfront cost.

More than 1,500 member-owners have participated in the program and are reaping the savings of making weatherization improvements to their homes and businesses.

For more information on how to request your free assessment today, visit our Smart Energy Savings page.