Lagging census response rates could prove costly

Just over 50% of households in tracts where the majority of residents are American Indian, Asian, Black, or Hispanic/Latinx have responded to the census, 6.7 percentage points below the state average,” according to Carolina Demography, which tracks state and county response rates.

A low census count could have negative implications for the state. The federal government uses the population tally to divvy up more than $675 billion annually to states for a wide variety of programs. So, when it comes to future government funding for everything from health clinics, fire departments, schools and even roads and highways, some areas may be cut short.

It’s not too late to take the survey, which only takes 10 minutes to complete.

To respond online,  you can submit your response at  If you don’t have  access to a computer, you can also respond by phone at 1-844-330-2020 (English) or 1-844-468-2020 (Spanish). You can also mail in your response.