Introducing The Power Pulse – Your Exclusive Newsletter Segment

Dear valued member-owners,

I am pleased to announce the launch of The Power Pulse, a special segment created exclusively for you in our monthly electronic newsletter. The newsletter name recently changed from The Call to Today, Tomorrow, Together as part of our rebranding from Roanoke Electric Cooperative to Roanoke Cooperative. If you would like to start receiving this newsletter, click here to subscribe. This new segment aims to provide important updates and valuable insights into the initiatives we are undertaking to enhance your experience with us.

As your CEO, my priority is to ensure your satisfaction and engagement with our services. The Power Pulse will serve as a direct line of communication, keeping you informed about the latest news and progress on our key projects. Let's explore some highlights:

Vision 2025

Our efforts align with our corporate vision, designed to increase the value we provide while adapting to the evolving energy industry and meeting regional needs.

Strengthening Satisfaction and Engagement

We are actively working on our rebranding plan, refreshing our website, and unveiling our new brand identity. This demonstrates our commitment to enhancing member-owner satisfaction and engagement.

Enhancing Communications

We dedicate resources to strengthen communication channels, ensuring your voice is heard. Our goal is to exceed expectations and achieve higher member-owner satisfaction. We plan to showcase testimonials, highlight exceptional employees, and integrate offerings into our social media strategy.

Modernize Roanoke

To realize Vision 2025, we prioritize implementing a comprehensive data strategy. This strategy enables personalized experiences, informed decisions, improved products, better customer service, and data security. We are making progress by updating our mapping system, improving field inventory, and leveraging a new platform for enhanced operational control.

Additionally, our team is diligently transitioning to a new enterprise platform that will manage member-owner accounts, financial data, business ownership, and our broadband subsidiary, Fybe.

We are thrilled to share positive results from our system that optimizes power delivery and resources and managing wholesale power costs.

Finally, mark your calendars for upcoming events. On August 3rd, 2023, at 11:00 AM, join us at Tar Heel BBQ restaurant in Eure, North Carolina, for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of an electric vehicle fast charger we recently installed. Also, don't miss our virtual Member-Owner Appreciation Day on August 26 at 9:00 AM, where you can hear reports, gain industry insights, and have a chance to win a door prize.

This is just a glimpse into the topics we will cover in The Power Pulse. We are passionate about keeping you informed and engaged with our progress. Stay tuned for future editions of our electronic newsletter for more details.

Thank you for being valued member-owners and entrusting us to power your lives. Your feedback and involvement shape our direction. Stay tuned for updates and developments in The Power Pulse.

Warm regards,

Marshall Cherry

President and CEO