Co-op’s EV Pilot Program marks milestone, with first member on the path to new savings opportunities

When Patricia D’Angelo drove off the dealer’s lot the owner of a shiny new 2019 Chevy Bolt in early January, she also became a trailblazer of sorts – moving to the front of the line for an exclusive offer that really sweetens the deal.

As the owner of an electric vehicle, the Roanoke Electric Co-op member-owner  will not only receive a discount rate for charging her car, she will also get a free charging station and a $1000 cash bonus – all compliments of her co-op.

The special incentives are being offered to a total of ten co-op member-owners, who own or become owners of an EV, and sign up for the co-op’s EV Pilot Program. “I’d like to encourage other member-owners that may be considering an EV that it’s an investment that is well worth it,” said D’Angelo, a Gates County resident. “So far, I love it.”

What’s to love?

For starters, she doesn’t need to buy gas anymore. “My previous hybrid was a plug-in, and I only had to put gas in it once a month,” she explained. “Now, I don’t have to worry about that expense at all.”

As a co-op EV Rate subscriber, D’Angelo also gets the added benefit of paying a flat fee of $50 for up to 450 kWh per month. That reduced rate compares to the nearly $185 it would cost to keep a 20 miles per gallon gas-powered car going for that same distance.

On top of that, she will have the added convenience of being able to  “re-charge” her EV at home with a new charging station. As part of the co-op’s offer, the charger, valued at $1,700, will be installed in homes, at no upfront cost to the member-owners.

Even with all the financial perks, the driving force behind D’Angelo’s EV purchase is a heart-felt one. “I’m a tree hugger,” she said. “And I’m a firm believer that we have to leave something for our future children.  If we keep going the way we are without any regard of how it affects our environment, I’m afraid we won’t have anything.”

And environmental stewardship is also the impetus behind the co-op’s campaign to get more of its member-owners to consider electric vehicles.

“We are so excited to have Ms. D’Angelo partner with us as we work towards our sustainability goals,” said Marshall Cherry, the co-op’s chief operating officer.  “EVs are becoming a very important part of our work toward net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and a 50 percent reduction in emissions by 2030.”

To that end, the co-op is currently seeking nine additional member-owners to join the ranks of  D’Angelo. The first ten to sign up will also be enrolled in the co-op’s EV Ambassador Leadership Program, designed to promote the many benefits of owning an electric vehicle.

For more information about the co-op’s EV Pilot Program, call 252-209-2236 or visit  Member-owners may also schedule a test drive in the co-op’s electric vehicle.