Co-op’s EV Pilot Program announces second participant on the road to savings

Roanoke Electric Co-op’s EV Pilot Program is on a roll, adding another electric vehicle owner to the program’s exclusive roster.

Montgomery Clemons and wife, Janet Clemons

Montgomery Clemons and his wife Janet are the new proud owners of a midnight-blue Tesla P85 Model S. The Gates County residents also secured the second of ten slots, entitling them to a  discounted rate for charging his car, a free home charging station and a $1000 cash bonus – all compliments of the co-op.
When asked what motivated them to purchase their EV last March, Mr. Clemons said the co-op’s pilot program was a key factor.  “I’ll be honest, one of the incentives that helped us do this was the $1,000. And giving us the charging equipment was an added bonus.”
The special incentives are being offered exclusively to 10 co-op member-owners, who own or become owners of an EV and sign up for the co-op’s pilot.
What other factors aided persuaded the purchase of their Tesla?   “We did look at the newer EV’s as well, and we weren’t super excited about the way that they handled, their comfort or acceleration,” Mr. Clemons explained, adding that he was impressed with the technical steering wheel controls, the ergonomic high-tech screen, the instrument panel and other features.

While her husband was unsure about the Tesla initially, Mrs. Clemons said she knew what she wanted from the start.

“I’ve been interested in Tesla for a while. I was talking to him  about it, and he wasn’t so sure at first,” she said.  However, after extensive research and a test drive, he was fully on board.  “It was funny because the joke now is that I wanted to go-green, and he wanted the sporty mid-life crisis vehicle, so we compromised with a Tesla.”
Mr. Clemons is happy with their decision. “It’s the pleasure factor for me,” he said, noting that the Tesla is a lot of fun to drive. “Oh yeah, and definitely the acceleration!”
With two participants now enrolled in the EV Pilot Program, the co-op is currently seeking eight additional member-owners to join the ranks of Patricia D’Angelo and the Clemons family. The first ten to sign up will also become part of the co-op’s EV Ambassador Leadership Program, designed to promote the many benefits of owning an electric vehicle.

For more information about the co-op’s EV Pilot Program, call 252-209-2236 or visit  Member-owners may also schedule a test drive in the co-op’s electric vehicle.