Co-op staff give useful tips to reduce heating costs at local senior breakfast

Staff from Roanoke Electric Cooperative attended St. Thomas Episcopal Church’s senior breakfast event to educate attendees on ways to reduce their heating bills this winter.

Susan Williams, Coordinator of Community Development

In light of the upcoming winter weather, the co-op’s coordinator of member services and billing, Tammy Piland, offered attendees various high-impact programs and solutions to reduce their heating bills.  Specifically, Piland detailed the co-op’s e-billing and bank draft programs, high energy usage alerts, smart grid technologies, residential Time-of-Day rate, budget billing, and discounted electric vehicle rate packages.  She also gave a brief update on the co-op’s broadband initiative – Roanoke Connect.

“We recognize that colder months often bring higher energy bills for our member-owners,” Piland explained.  “With freezing temps outside, most people spend more time at home, causing their heating system to work harder. Fortunately, Roanoke offers a suite of tools to help lessen the impact of an increased winter bill.”

Another resource that could help member-owners avoid being hit hard this upcoming season is the co-op’s Upgrade to Save program.  According to the co-op’s coordinator of community development, Susan Williams, Upgrade to $ave allows member-owners to take advantage of a free home energy assessment.

“The free assessment requires a skilled energy auditor to visit your home or business to determine what energy efficient upgrades could save you the most money,” Williams explained.  “From there, as part of the Upgrade to $ave program, a trained weatherization crew will come out to make the necessary upgrades.”

Dennis McFee, the co-op’s vice president of member services, marketing and public relations  department informed attendees of the advantages and disadvantages of solar and how the co-op can be a partner throughout the process.  As more third-party solar vendors have come into the co-op’s service territory, he also advised member-owners to be weary of scammers.

“Engaging with our community on this level really embodies the spirit of cooperatives,” McFee said.  ”It gives us the opportunity to hear the true needs of the community and how we can better serve them and continue to be their trusted energy provider and beyond.”

Fore more tips and resources, the co-op encourages member-owners to contact its member services team at 252-209-2236 or visit


About Roanoke Electric Cooperative:

Roanoke Electric Cooperative provides service to 14,500 members in Bertie, Hertford, Halifax, Northampton, Gates, Perquimans and Chowan counties. Chartered in 1938 to provide light and power to farms, the co-op today serves as an engine of economic development and provides educational, recreational and community assistance services to enhance the quality of life of its member-owners throughout the diverse communities it serves. Roanoke Electric Cooperative is an equal opportunity provider and employer.