Co-op offers tools and tips to beat winter at its cold game of heating costs

While cooler weather means that football season is in full swing, your cooperative recognizes that decreasing temps also bring an increase in heating costs.  With its suite of high impact tools, the co-op is offering tips for member-owners to help lessen the impact of higher heating costs.

Take advantage of these exclusive options to beat winter at its cold game and keep your heating bills low:

  • Stay in the know with these energy monitoring tools - Did you know that with Roanoke Electric Co-op’s mobile app you can estimate your own monthly electric bill? Monitoring your usage with our mobile app and energy use alerts can put you weeks ahead of an unexpected high bill.  Sign up for energy use alertsto receive daily notifications of your energy use via text or email. Along with being able to track your home’s daily energy use in terms of dollars and cents, downloading the co-op’s mobile app lets you estimate your bill. Having this information at your fingertips can help you make “real-time” lifestyle adjustments to save for the remainder of the season.
  • Get a free home energy assessment - In wintertime especially, a leaky house can cost you a LOT in heating bills, as your warm air leaks out and frigid air comes in through cracks around your windows, doors, and more. To help reduce the season’s heating costs, member-owners are encouraged to take advantage of a free home energy assessment offered through the Upgrade to $ave program. The free assessment requires a skilled energy auditor to visit your home or business to determine what energy efficient upgrades could save you the most money. From there, as part of the Upgrade to $ave program, a trained weatherization crew will come out to make the necessary upgrades.

Fore more tips, visit our Smart Energy Savings page.