Co-op offers member-owners free home energy efficiency assessments

Cooler temperatures tend to amplify the lack of energy efficiency in our homes that often bring about higher-than-normal electric bills. To help reduce the season’s heating costs, the co-op is encouraging member-owners to take advantage of a free home energy assessment it is now offering through its Upgrade to $ave program.

“Member-owners are often surprised after they receive their first winter bill,” said Marshall Cherry, the co-op’s chief operating officer. “That’s because heating your home is one of the largest monthly expenses during this time of year.”

The free assessment requires a skilled energy auditor to visit your home or business to determine what energy efficient upgrades could save you the most money. From there, as part of the Upgrade to $ave program, a trained weatherization crew will come out to make the necessary upgrades.

Available upgrades through the program include insulation, duct and air sealing, heat pump improvements, waters heater wraps and LED lighting.

“Not only are member-owners able to save in the long-term, but the program saves participants on the front end as upgrades are done at no upfront cost,” Cherry said. “Visit the co-op’s website to request a free energy assessment."