Co-op Month: A Cause for Celebration

CEO Message

National Co-op Month is an annual celebration of the positive impacts cooperatives have on the communities they serve. This year’s theme, “Build Back for Impact,”  takes on special meaning on this occasion, as we recover from one of the biggest challenges we ever faced as an electric co-op: a global pandemic.

While we are forging ahead with efforts to “build back” our community, we still have reason to celebrate this month. In honor of Co-op Month, we invite our member-owners to join us in recognition of values and principles that have guided us throughout these unprecedented times, as they have done nearly eight decades.

We have set aside each Friday this month, as a time for you to stop by our Ahoskie office so we can personally greet you and offer free grab-and-go snacks and giveaways.

The reasons to celebrate are many.  

Roanoke Electric is part of a network of 26 electric co-ops in North Carolina. We share a vision to build a brighter future for our member-owners and communities through our commitment to reliable, affordable and sustainable electric service, as well as community and economic development.

By bringing a variety of innovative services and programs to our member-owners, we’re continuing to make significant impact in this community, despite the challenges associated with the with the pandemic.

The Cooperative Principle of “concern for community” is woven deeply into many of our programs like Bright Ideas Education Grants, which supports innovative learning opportunities for local students. Also making a major impact is the co-op’s Operation RoundUp  program supports a variety of charitable endeavors throughout the community.

Despite all the challenges we faced during the pandemic, the co-op continued efforts to connect our member-owners to resources that otherwise might not be available. Roanoke Connect is making great strides in bringing much-needed high-speed internet to the region.

Our EV Pilot program is now broadening its potential impact in our community, by offering financial incentives to those who might not otherwise afford an electric vehicle. Likewise, the co-op’s Community Solar Access (SolarShare) program is now providing significant and sustained financial assistance to several low-and-moderate income member-owners.

While the co-op’s ongoing efforts to “build back” are by no mean quick fixes, we are in it for the long haul with our unwavering commitment to the community empowering what we value as the cooperative difference.

**In recognition of Co-op Month, please drop by our Ahoskie office, where we will be offering special treats every Friday in October, between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. To ensure everyone’s safety, visitors are required to wear face masks and follow safe-distancing guidelines.


Curtis Wynn

President & CEO