Change the way you pay with co-op’s electronic and automated payment options

Mailbox thieves and porch pirates remain a threat even though they’re captured on video doorbells every day! Roanoke Electric Cooperative continues to encourage member-owners to avoid those threats by choosing paperless methods to both receive and pay their electric bills.

Paperless billing and automatic bank drafts are another convenient way for member-owners to receive notifications immediately via email and pay bills directly from their bank account.

With the co-op’s paperless billing option, electric bills are delivered to member-owners’ inboxes as soon as they are generated.  This means member-owners don’t have to wait days to receive their bill in the mail.  Those who sign up for this receive a 50 cent credit on their monthly bills.

Member-owners can also choose to have their payments drafted from their checking account on their desired bank draft date.  Available draft dates include the 3rd, 10th, 18th or 25th of each month. This comes with a $1 credit on their monthly electric bills.

So, skip the late fees and delayed bills by contacting us at 252-209-2236 to sign up for E-bill and bank draft programs.