Budget-friendly tips to add warmth, comfort to home

Follow these five budget-friendly ways to bring warmth to your home without turning up the thermostat. Your energy bill will thank you!

  1. Try an electric blanket: An electric blanket can deliver quick warmth like a regular throw or blanket cannot. They offer a variety of features, like timers and dual temperature settings.
  2. Got socks? : One of the easiest ways to stay cozy at home is to keep your feet warm. Our feet play a critical role in regulating body temperature, so when your feet are warm, your body automatically feels warmer. Try a pair of comfortable wool socks or house slippers.
  3. Take in the sun: Take advantage and harness natural warmth from sunlight. Open all curtains, drapes and blinds in your home to let the sunshine in.
  4. Try a humidifier: Cold air doesn’t hold water vapor like warm air, so by adding humidity inside your home, you can feel a little warmer. A favorable level of humidity inside your home can also help clear sinuses, soften skin and improve sleep.
  5. Thermal resistance: Area rugs can also provide extra insulation and can serve to retain a warm air in a room. Use large area rugs in rooms where you spend the most time.