Beat winter at its cold game: Tips to keep your bill low

When seasonal temperatures dip, heating costs tend to rise.

“Historically, our member-owners’ highest bills are seen in the January-March winter months,” explained Basil Williams, the co-op’s manager of member services. “Weather is one of the biggest factors when it comes to electric usage, especially during the coldest months of the year. With the below-freezing temps we’ve seen over the past few weeks, we want to help member-owners get ahead of potentially high bills.”

Williams offers the following tips to conserve energy and keep your utility bill low:

Resist the urge to touch the thermostat

  • One thing that’s for certain is the weather is always changing. The greater the difference between your thermostat setting and the outside temperature, the harder your heating system will work to reach and maintain your thermostat’s setting. The Department of Energy recommends lowering your thermostat to 68 degrees in the winter. Using blankets around the house and dressing for the weather can also make setting your thermostat lower more comfortable.
  • Adjust energy consumption patterns: When temps drop, we tend to spend more time in our homes watching TV, using computers, playing video games, etc. Taking longer hot showers can also be a tempting way to keep warm. The co-op urges member-owners to unplug electronics while not in use and be mindful of shower times to reduce the demand on their hot water heaters. 

Stay in the know with energy-monitoring tools.  Monitoring your usage with our mobile app and energy use alerts can put you weeks ahead of an unexpected high bill.  Sign up for energy use alerts to receive daily notifications of your energy use via text or email. Along with being able to track your home’s daily energy use in terms of dollars and cents, downloading the co-op’s mobile app lets you estimate your bill. Having this information at your fingertips can help you make “real-time” lifestyle adjustments to save for the remainder of the season. The co-op also offers energy efficiency tips accessible through our website. If you have any questions about your electric bill or how you can sign up for energy use alerts, we encourage you to contact us at 252-209-2236.