What is the benefit to landowners in participating in this project?

Landowners will gain valuable knowledge on what assistance is available to those who own forestland. Other benefits include:

  • Engaging with state, federal, and county agencies to receive technical assistance on forest management.
  • Receiving education on private forestry professionals who can assist with timber sales and learning how the use of these private foresters will ensure landowners receive fair market value for their timber products.
  • Promotion of forestland, family legacy, and healthy and productive forests with many financial, environmental, and social benefits which can be sustained for generations.
  • Learning about federal and county property tax reductions due to deferments associated with forest management.
  • Being eligible for financial assistance in obtaining legal services from an attorney to clear property title, establish a legal mechanism such as a limited liability company
    (LLC) or partnership, etc., to manage a family-owned property, resolve heirs’ property issues, and/or create an estate plan to provide for orderly succession or transfer of property upon one’s passing.