SCHEDULE C: Residential Service


This schedule is available in all territories served by the Cooperative, subject to the Cooperative’s established Service Rules and Regulations.


This schedule is applicable for residential use and for use incidental thereto supplied through one meter to each individual residence or apartment unit. The residence is defined as a metered dwelling suitable to be a single-family unit with kitchen and bathroom facilities and the primary place in which a member resides.

Type of Service

Service under this schedule shall be single-phase, 60 cycles, at one of the Cooperative’s available secondary voltages.

Monthly Rate

Basic Facilities Charge: $ 29.50
Energy Charge: All kWh 13.27 ¢ per kWh

Minimum Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be the Basic Facilities Charge shown above.

Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment

The Cooperative’s approved Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment shall be applicable to all services supplied under this Schedule.

Sales Tax

Any applicable State and local sales taxes will be added to all services billed under this Schedule.