SCHEDULE B: Security Light Service


This schedule is available in all territories served by the Cooperative, subject to the Cooperative’s established Service Rules and Regulations.


This schedule is applicable to any consumer of the Cooperative for the yard, security, or decorative lighting from dusk to dawn.

Monthly Rate

Yard or Security Lights

100-Watt High-Pressure Sodium $12.00
100-Watt High-Pressure Sodium – Decorative $18.40
400-Watt Metal Halide – Flood $18.55
1000-Watt Metal Halide – Flood $ 24.10
175-Watt Metal Halide – Cobra $ 34.40
175-Watt Metal Halide Decorative Acorn $ 34.20
175-Watt Metal Halide Decorative Acorn w/ 2 Lights $ 43.65
175-Watt Metal Halide Decorative Shoebox w/ 2 Lights $ 40.95
250-Watt Metal Halide Decorative Acorn $ 35.40
250-Watt Metal Halide Decorative Acorn w/ 2 Lights $ 45.15
400-Watt Metal Halide – Cobra $ 35.60
43-Watt LED $ 10.10
50-Watt LED $ 10.10
129-Watt LED $ 18.55
200-Watt LED $ 20.15

Additional Charges:

For wooden poles required for yard lighting in addition to existing distribution poles, a charge of $2.15 per month per extra pole shall apply.

Decorative Lighting

Carrying Charge: 2% of the Total Installation Cost
Energy Charge: 5.55 cents per kWh (based on the type of light installed)

Condition of Service

Lighting equipment including lamps, fixtures, controls, and conductors will be furnished and maintained by the Cooperative.

Lamp replacement will be made by the Cooperative with an additional charge, except that any damage to lamps and luminary resulting from vandalism shall be charged to the consumer as a separate item on the monthly bill. The bill shall be based on the Cooperative’s actual cost.

Consumers should report outages promptly. Lamps will be serviced only during regular working hours of the Cooperative.

Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment

The Cooperative’s approved Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment shall be applicable to all service supplied under this Schedule.

Sales Tax

Any applicable State and local sales taxes will be added to all services billed under this Schedule.