RIDER SRG: Rider for Small Renewable Generation Systems


Service under this Rider is available only to consumers located in the Cooperative’s service territory who own a small renewable generator (wind, photovoltaic, biomass-fueled, hydro) that is interconnected directly with and operated in parallel with the Cooperative’s distribution system with a capacity of 25 kW or less and contract with the Cooperative to sell all generating capacity and energy to the Cooperative.

Service necessary for the delivery of the consumer’s power into the Cooperative’s system under this Rider shall be furnished solely to the individual contracting consumer in a single enterprise, located entirely on a single, contiguous premise, and owned by the consumer installing the small renewable generator. Service hereunder shall be restricted to the capacity of the consumer’s generating facilities. Power delivered to the Cooperative under this Rider shall not offset or be substituted for power contracted for under any other schedule of the Cooperative.

The obligations of the Cooperative in regard to service under this Rider are dependent upon its securing and retaining all necessary rights-of-way, privileges, franchises, and permits for such service. The Cooperative shall not be liable to any consumer or applicant for power in the event it is delayed in or is prevented from purchasing power by its failure to secure and retain such rights-of-way, rights, privileges, franchises, and permits.

Type of Service

Service under this schedule shall be single-phase, 60 cycles, at one of the Cooperative’s available secondary voltages.


The following charges and credits will be added to the consumer’s monthly bill:

Supplemental Monthly Basic Facilities Charge: $3.75
Credit for energy delivered to Cooperative: 2.82 ¢ per kWh

The monthly minimum bill for consumers receiving this service shall be no less than the Basic Facilities Charge in the rate schedule with which this rate is used, plus the supplemental Basic Facilities Charge as stated in this schedule, less any credits for energy delivered to the Cooperative’s system.

Metering Requirements

The Cooperative will furnish, install, own, and maintain metering to measure energy (kilowatt hours) delivered by the Cooperative to the consumer. The Cooperative will also furnish, install, own, and maintain additional metering equipment to measure the kilowatt hours delivered from the consumer to the Cooperative. The consumer’s service will be metered with

two meters equipped to prevent reverse registration, one that will measure any energy delivered by the Cooperative to the consumer, and the other which will measure any energy produced by the consumer’s renewable energy generation system and delivered to the Cooperative. The consumer will bear the cost of providing the necessary meter sockets to enable the Cooperative to make the interconnections. If the home’s electric meter does not provide a means to disconnect power, the homeowner must provide a separate disconnect switch accessible to utility personnel. The Cooperative shall reserve the right to install special metering and load research devices on the consumer’s equipment and the right to use the consumer’s telephone line for communications with the Cooperative and the consumer’s equipment.

Interconnection Requirements

The consumer must submit an application to interconnect the small generation system, which must be approved by the Cooperative. Upon approval of the application, and prior to interconnection to the Cooperative’s electrical system the consumer must sign an interconnection agreement certifying:

  1. All renewable energy systems equipped with a voltage inverter shall be manufactured, installed, and operated in compliance with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standard 1741 for distributed generation and have been identified and listed as “utility-interactive”.
    (Note: Induction type generators shall be approved on a case-by-case basis.)
  2. That the system/installation complies with the National Electric Code (NEC) and all applicable codes and that the system has been inspected and approved by the electrical inspector having legal jurisdiction.
  3. The system shall be installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s, government, and industry standards and specifications.
  4. The system shall be installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with the Cooperative’s Bylaws Service Rules and Regulations, and the Small Generation Interconnection agreement at all times.

Contract Term

The contract period for service under this Rider shall be one (1) year and thereafter shall be automatically renewed for successive one-year periods, subject to the availability and terms of the rule of the Small Generation Interconnection Agreement. Service may be terminated by the consumer-owner or the Cooperative in accordance with the terms as stated in the interconnection agreement. The Cooperative reserves the right to inspect the consumer’s small generation system at any reasonable time and to immediately disconnect the consumer’s system without providing prior notice should it be necessary to address a hazardous condition or for failure to comply with any of the specifications and requirements as stated in the Small Generation Interconnection Agreement (PDF).