RIDER REPS – 2021/22: Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Rider


Service under this Rider is applicable to all retail consumers of the Cooperative for the recovery of the Cooperative’s incremental costs associated with meeting their Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS) pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 62-133.8 and NCUC Rule R8-67.

This Rider is not for resale service. The provisions of the Schedule with which this Rider is used are modified only as shown herein. Service rendered under this Rider is subject to the provisions of the Cooperative’s Service Rules and Regulations on file with the state regulatory commission.

Monthly Rate

In addition to all other charges stated in the Monthly Rate of the Schedule with which this Rider is used, the following charges shall also apply:

Revenue Class REPS Rate REPS EMF Total Monthly Rate
Residential $ 0.63 ($ 0.42) $0.21
Commercial $ 3.51 ($ 2.33) $1.18
Industrial $23.38 ($15.50) $7.88


  1. Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS) Rate – The REPS Rate shall be adjusted annually to reflect the incremental and development costs the Cooperative anticipates incurring for the upcoming year to comply with the North Carolina Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard divided by the weighted number of consumers projected in each revenue class over the same twelve-month
  2. Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Experience Modification Factor (REPS EMF) – The REPS EMF is a rate calculated annually to recover the difference between reasonably and prudently incurred REPS costs and REPS revenues realized during the period under

Applicable Taxes

The total charges under the Rider will be increased by applicable sales taxes imposed by any governmental authority.