RIDER EV (PILOT): Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Program


Available on a voluntary basis as a program to all territories served by the Cooperative, subject to the Cooperative’s established Service Rules and Regulations of the Cooperative as filed with the North Carolina Utilities Commission. This Rider is available to Consumers of the Cooperative already taking monthly service concurrently under Schedule C (Residential Service) and shall continue through December 31, 2022.


This Schedule is applicable for residential use and for use incidental thereto supplied through a meter directly interconnected to Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment installed by the Cooperative at an individual residence. Service under this schedule is limited to no more than fifteen (15) Consumers of or lessees of a “Plug-In Electric Vehicle,” as such term is defined in Section 62- 3(21a) of the North Carolina General Statutes, who execute an Electric Vehicle Charging Program Service Agreement with Cooperative. To qualify for service under this rider, the portion of the Consumer’s load subject to control must be sub-metered off the master meter by Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment as defined in the Electric Vehicle Charging Program Service Agreement.

Type of Service

Service under this schedule shall be at one of the Cooperative’s available secondary voltages.

Monthly Rate

Each customer shall specify in its Electric Vehicle Charging Program Service Agreement one of the following service levels based on the anticipated Electric Vehicle monthly mileage:

Monthly Charge kWh/Month Recommended For Miles Per Day
$31 Up to 275* Battery EV ~ 25
$39 Up to 350* Battery EV ~ 35
$50 Up to 450* Battery EV ~ 50

All electric energy purchased under this Schedule in excess of the limits for the then-effective service level shall be subject to the rates specified in Schedule C (Residential Service).

Sales Tax

Any applicable State and local sales taxes will be added to all services billed under this Schedule.

Condition of Service

Service supplied under this Schedule shall be subject to the terms of an Electric Vehicle Charging Program Service Agreement with Cooperative and shall terminate upon the termination of any such agreement.