RATE SCHEDULE APPENDIX 2: Schedule of Charges and Requirements

Basic Facilities Charges $29.50
Membership Fee $5.00
Meter Fee $10.00
Security Deposit Minimum Deposit $150.00
Intermediate Deposit $300.00
Maximum Deposit $450.00

(Residential Only)

Connection Charge During regular business hours only $25.00
Late Payment Charge $6.00
Arrangement Fee $10.00
Reconnection Charge During regular business hours only $50.00
After-hours reconnection charge $80.00

(The deadline for payment of delinquent accounts to effect reconnection that same day is 4:00 PM at the EMC office or to EMC field personnel)

After hours service $80.00
Return Check Charge $25.00
Meter Test Charge $15.00
Special Meter Reading Trip N/C
Meter Tampering Fee $300.00

Anyone, who engages in vandalism, destruction of Cooperative property, meter tampering, current diversion, or power theft will not have service reconnected until after payment of the old bill or estimated unmetered current PLUS payment for all necessary repairs and fees including a $300.00 Service Charge.

The above outlines the Cooperative’s attempt to settle its claims out of court. However, any member or other person declining to make the required payment will be subject to prosecution under the appropriate General Statue/s of North Carolina. In all instances, the Cooperative reserves the right to pursue its claims through the applicable legal processes