Woodland Management by Objectives: Taking Stock & Making Plans

Event Date

Tuesday, February 2nd 1:00pm


Tuesday, February 2nd 2:00pm

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This is the third Woodland Stewards series, and this year the focus is on taking action in managing woodlands. Before you can manage your woodlands, you have to have a good idea of what your land is like, what has been there before and what you want to do with it. In this presentation, learn how you can assess your woods, including past land use, current conditions and potential. Knowing what you have, will help you to explore what you can do with it, and determine your management objectives.

This is the first of four webinars in the 2021 Woodland Stewards Webinar Series. The four webinars will help landowners to narrow down their land management objectives, learn about tools that can help them, stay safe as they work on their land, and help them put their knowledge into action.

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