NC Tree Farm Webinar: Restoring Upland Oak Forests

Event Date

Thursday, March 9th 12:00pm


Thursday, March 9th 1:00pm

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Regenerating oak is more of a process than an event. The probability of replacing an existing oak forest with a new one by just cutting it down and letting it grow back is zero or unacceptably low. It takes proper planning and a series of sequenced silvicultural treatments, including prescribed fire, to have any chance of restoring an existing oak forest.

This webinar, offered by the N.C. Tree Farm Program, will address how to use a modified oak shelterwood system to restore upland oak and describe the prerequisites and necessary steps for success. The webinar is an introduction to a more intense two-day Restoring Upland Oak Forests field training that the N.C. Tree Farm Program will offer in September.


  • David Halley, a consulting forester and owner of True North Forest Management Services

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