Fish & Wildlife Service Workshop for Historically Marginalized Landowners

Event Date

Friday, October 28th 1:00pm


Saturday, October 29th 4:00pm


Summerville, SC



  • Contact-Sam-Cook-843-344-0637


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is committed to creating new opportunities to assist historically marginalized (i.e., minorities) landowners and communities not traditionally reached. USFWS field staff have participated in a series of workshops aimed at increasing awareness of diverse land ownership in the Southeast. This next step will focus on identifying specific partnering opportunities for staff to engage historically marginalized landowners and communities, address individual needs, expand the knowledge of landowner assistance programs, and increase awareness for land stewardship and its benefits to species conservation.

Help us learn more about your properties, priorities, and needs, and, in turn, you can learn about us. We will provide helpful information related to USFWS financial assistance programs that can be beneficial to you and your lands, as well as identifying assistance opportunities from other organizations.

Additional details are provided on this flyer:  FLYER US Fish & Wildlife Workshop