Water Heater Load Limiting Program

Roanoke Electric Co-op is offering water heater control devices, which boost energy efficiency and savings, free to member-owners.

The water heater control is a small but sophisticated ‘on/off’ switch that quietly monitors your home’s water heater. The switch allows the co-op to temporarily cycle off your water heater during times of high demand for electricity, when wholesale electricity prices are most expensive.

The device provides the following benefits to member-owners:

  • A monthly credit of $1.00 for participating in the water heater control program.
  • Cost savings for the entire membership. The control device allows the co-op to cycle your water heater off during periods of high demand for electricity, without sacrificing your comfort. This cycling saves the co-op, and thus you and the entire membership, money on its wholesale power bill.


After the switch is installed, there is no noticeable difference in how the water heater operates. The device works quietly and automatically, and it will not impact the amount or temperature of your hot water.

The intelligent control device also has a function that turns your water heater back on automatically when sensors indicate that hot water is being used. This helps ensure you have hot water when you need it.

Water Heater Control Device
Water Heater Control Device

Projected annual savings per year: $59.00

Installed value is $300.00




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