Text Alerts

Text Alerts

Smart account management that puts you in control! Enroll in Text Alerts to get text messages about your Roanoke Electric Cooperative account, including  high-use notifications and outage updates. Anywhere, anytime. And it's free! Download the Roanoke Electric mobile app today by text "ROANOKE" to 797979.

Once you've downloaded the app, check out all the things you can do by exploring the available commands and instructions the app will provide.

Available Commands

The following commands are available.  Please note that the BAL and PAY commands are not enabled by default, so you’ll need to let us know if you want those turned on.




Information about the service.


Allows you to start the opt-in process.


Confirmation that you want to opt in to the service.


Opts you out of the service.


Gives you the current amount owed.


You can make a payment using a credit card or E-check profile.


Returns a list of the commands you can use.


Allows you to reset the text session in order to start over again.

If you have any question or issues please call us at 252-209-2236.