Go Green

Go Green

Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, which are renewable (naturally replenished).   Approximately one-fifth of the energy produced globally is generated from a renewable source.  Renewable sources of energy protect the environment by offsetting the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere by typical sources of energy. 

Roanoke Electric has developed an Interconnection Agreement for owners of renewable generators who wish to sell power back to the cooperative.  Review our application to interconnect and our rate riders (Renewable Generation Rider and Small Renewable Generation Rider) for information on our monthly fees and credits we’ll apply to your bill. 

Roanoke SolarShare

Roanoke Electric Co-op member-owners choosing to participate in the Roanoke SolarShare community solar program purchase the energy output from solar panels for a one-time investment or through a monthly bill payment. The co-op builds and maintains the solar panel system and covers all insurance and maintenance costs. The participating member-owner then receives a credit on their monthly electric bill for the solar energy produced by the panels. Please visit Roanoke SolarShare for more information.

Upgrade to $ave

Upgrade to $ave is a new program that finances cost-effective energy efficiency improvements for Roanoke Electric Cooperative member-owners. Visit Upgrade to $ave for more information.

Other ways the cooperative is contributing to sustainability include:

Automatic Draft Payments - This is an automatic direct transfer of your money from your checking account or credit card to the cooperative for payment of your electric bill.

Online BillPay - This feature grants you 24-hour access to your account via the Internet and you’re able to make payments via electronic check or credit card.

24-Hour Automated Customer Service - This feature grants you 24-hour access to your account by calling our office and contacting our automated customer service system.  You’ll be able to make payments via credit card in the system. Call toll-free at 1-800-433-2236.

E-Bill - Paperless Billing (also known as E-Billing) is a very environmentally friendly way to receive your electric bill.  Instead of receiving traditional paper bills you will receive notice of your bill via e-mail and you’ll be able to access the new bill online. Get more information on E-Bill.

Invoice Billing - For the convenience of member-owners with multiple accounts, the cooperative is able to aggregate billing of all of these accounts into one consolidated electric bill. This alleviates the hassle of making payments for two and three accounts when all can be reconciled with one invoice.  It also helps the preserve the environment by reducing paper necessary to print all bills.