Co-op member-owner Dennis Turner of Halifax wins Upgrade to $ave refrigerator giveaway

Co-op member-owner Dennis Turner of Halifax wins Upgrade to $ave refrigerator giveaway

Congratulations to Upgrade to $ave refrigerator giveaway winner, Dennis Turner!


Co-op  team members Susan Tann and Basil Williams pull winning name during Upgrade to $ave prize drawing

Roanoke Electric Co-op member-owner and Upgrade to $ave participant, Dennis Turner is the lucky winner of the co-op's refrigerator giveaway! Turner was among more than 90  co-op member-owners who participated in the co-op's energy-efficiency home upgrades program in 2018. All participants were entered into the drawing.

Turner, of Halifax, North Carolina, signed to receive the co-op's free home energy assessment last August. As a result of the assessment, Turner took advantage of the co-op's Upgrade to $ave no-upfront cost home energy upgrades, which included the installation of a new HVAC unit, duct/ air sealing and LED bulbs throughout the home.

Susan Tann of Roanoke Electric Co-op congratulates co-op member-owner and Upgrade to $ave prize drawing winner Dennis Turner


Thanks to the August upgrades to Turner's home, along with the installation of the co-op's free smart grid Ecobee thermostat and water heater control device, Turner's electricity usage was only 1,474 kWh for the month of January -- an energy- and cost-savings gain of more than 50 percent compared to his January 2018  kWh usage of 3,502! 

"I'm very satisfied with the work done in my home and appreciate Roanoke Electric for offering its Upgrade to $ave and other energy-efficiency programs," said Turner. "Winning the Energy Star refrigerator is a nice bonus!"

Congratulations, Mr. Turner! Thank you for letting us serve you!







The Upgrade to $ave program and free smart grid devices are still available as a benefit of membership to all co-op member-owners! For more information and to sign up for these energy- and cost-saving programs, visit the links above or call 252-209-2236.

Roanoke Electric Co-op wishes to thank refrigerator giveaway sponsor and Upgrade to $ave program partnerr, EEtility .




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